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What is Trade-Ideas?

Trade-ideas is a powerful tool that helps traders find their perfect setups. The tools they offer are the same that big banks and hedge funds use. By giving access to professional traders at an affordable cost, it allows them create real time lists with over 200+ different filters while searching both the US and Canadian stock market. With custom Alerts and the ability to connect to your Interactive Brokers account, you can automate your trading in a few simple clicks.

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Alerts and Top Lists

Top Lists allow you to create a list of stock tickers based on certain filter criteria. For example say you wanted to build a list of all the stocks that are within 10% of their all time high which have higher than average trading volume.

Alert Windows are similar to Top Lists except that you can add an alert to the filters you’ve set. For example, we want stocks that broke out of a 30 minute range that are within the 10% of their all time highs with above average volume.

While there are other software that can do similar things than Trade-Ideas, Trade-Ideas has 1 advantage and that is the amount of filters and alert combination you have. Together you have over 400 different settings which can allow you to find the exact type of setup you like to trade.

Trading Automation with Trade-Ideas

Build those powerful Alerts Windows of your favourite trading strategies. Use the OddsMaker’s maker tool to optimize your risk to reward ratios within your strategies.

After you are satified with your strategy, simply add it to the Brokerage Plus tool, set the trading parameters, and connect it to your Interactive Brokers account!

Trade-Ideas currently only supports IB so if you want to use the automation, you will need to open an IB Account. Als, as of February 2019, the Brokerage Plus tool now requires a 1-time licensing fee roughly $1100 USD.

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What is their Holly AI about?

Holly AI is their built-in Artificial Intelligence that uses the same OddsMaker tool each and every day on over 25 different strategies. Each morning you can see which of the strategies will be in play for the day. Watch, follow, and even trade with Holly (not automatically yet). Holly by itself can be an extremely useful tool for you if you are just looking for high-quality trade setups.

But I don’t know how to code! How can I start robot trading?

That’s the best thing about this software. You do not need to learn how to code. With over 200+ Filters and 200+ Alerts to choose from, you can essentially build an alert for any chart pattern that exists. Following the free guide and you can learn how to take a chart pattern, convert it to filters and alerts and eventually automate your trading today.

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How much does it cost to use Trade-Ideas?

You can test, and try using the software for free with delayed data. While most of the core features are blocked, it’s an excellent way to start learning before you buy. They have 2 different versions of their software. The Standard and the Professional. For the best bang for your buck, I’d seriously recommend the yearly subscription and not the monthly one. Why you ask? If you are taking trading seriously then you are in it for the long haul and saving $500 a year is totally worth it. If you use this link and use the code DAVID15, you’ll get a 15% discount on the first month or yearly subscription!

For all the details of each plan, click here

Price as of October 2018

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Other Benefits of using Trade-Ideas

Their Online Support is Fantastic!

Honestly, I haven’t had any major issues with their software. I’ve had many questions about how to use some of their features. They’ve always been very fast to reply. Simply send them an email or use their web chat on their main web page and someone will get back to you right away.

Not part of a Trading Room?

Trade-Ideas provides a free Trading Room which is hosted every Monday to Friday 9 AM ET to 4 PM ET. There are many trading rooms available, and some can charge a lot of money. Their value might not be as great as you think because the mentor is more about taking your money than helping you become a better trader. Trade-Ideas is completely free and is a great way to meet other traders from around the world. Click here to be brought to their free trading room!

However there are other paid Trading Rooms that are fantastic and if you are serious about joining one, I am personally part of a community packed with high energy brain stuffing amazing traders from around the world. Just send me an email here and I’ll share you the details.

Start learning how to use Trade-ideas Now

The first time you open Trade-Ideas it can be very overwhelming. That’s why I’ve made a FREE tutorial on how to get you started using Trade-Ideas. In this training guide will show you the basics of getting around in Trade-Ideas. Start building your very first Lists and Alerts windows. Finally, I will show you how I day trade using the Alert windows and building them into my Brokerage Plus. This let me become a full time auto trader.

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