R system

The R System

Is it all about money? Most people who teach or talk about the markets and how they perform always share their numbers in how much money they made. This practice can be a bit deceiving […]

trade ideas scanner

Trade-Ideas Scanner

Trade-Ideas out of the box is a powerful scanner for finding your perfect trade setups. This tool is used by many professional traders from around the world to complement their trading. But what exactly is […]

spring test drive

Want to test out Trade-Ideas?

Have you wanted to follow along with the material on this site but don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on Trade-Ideas without knowing if automated trading is for you? Every year Trade-Ideas does […]

automated trading short time frames

Trading short time frames

I’ve learned a thing or two about using very short time frames or aggressive trading when using automation. I’ve tried and tested this method with Trade-Ideas. If you are very aggressive and looking at 1 […]