Algo Trading Class

Many people have asked me how to do I trade while I’m sleeping, while I’m away from my computer, or while I travel. The idea of having the computer automatically trade for you based on the rules you set is pretty cool. Since I’ve started being fully engaged with automation trading, I’ve been consistently profitable. How do I do it? Simply by following my rules and having the computer execute my pre-defined plans while using proper risk management.

This blog already has a great base on automation and how I do my automation with Trade-Ideas, but it doesn’t give you a step by step process on how to start from zero to full automation. In fact, if you go over all the content within those 2 links above, you could learn exactly how to start your journey in automation. However, if you are interested in compressing all the information into a class-based format with real-life examples then this video course is for you.

I recently teamed up with Jerremy Newsome over at Real Life Trading to build the first ever video course to teach anyone without any programming skills, how to start automated trading in the US and Canada stock market!

This 7 class video course is approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes long and jammed pack with everything you need to know step by step on what is automated trading and how to use Trade-Ideas to build your very own unique trading strategies. In this course, I show you exactly how I built 2 strategies that are now found in this blog in my daily automation recap.

Jerremy and I will teach you a step by step approach on converting your current trading strategy into a robot, then I show you how to back-test, optimize, and eventually move those automated strategies into your live trading account.

The videos can all be found at Real Life Trading and you can find them by clicking on this link right here:

Course Outline

Class 1:

  • 75 minutes
  • What is automation? Explore the different types of common automated trading systems that are available to retail traders in today’s market. We will also cover some of the foundations for the first steps you should accomplish before starting your journey in automated trading

Class 2:

  • 90 minutes
  • Complete guide of Trade-Ideas. We cover what the different windows are, how to read them, how they work, and start creating our workspace to build automated strategies. By the end of this class, you will have a solid idea on how to use the tool we will use for automating our strategies

Class 3:

  • 82 minutes
  • We will build our first list window and 2 different types of alert windows. One of the alerts will be to help complement your trading, and the second alert window will be one of the trading strategies that we will automate throughout the rest of the course

Class 4:

  • 82 minutes
  • Deep dive into the OddMakers tool. Teach you how to read the tool and how to use it effectively. Using the data provided we will optimize the alert window from class 3 into a proper automated strategy

Class 5:

  • 69 minutes
  • We explore some of the other tools you’ll need to use when you start to automate trading. Learn about the custom formula’s inside of Trade-Ideas and how to use them as filters or as trading parameters when you get into automating the strategy you build. We will also put our strategy online and see the results

Class 6:

  • 73 minutes
  • Advance Trade-Idea features, tips and tricks that will help you get around Trade-Ideas faster. Spend some time looking at how to properly configure Brokerage Plus to Interactive Brokers and see it in action live trading in my account. We also review the first trades from our strategy and explore Holly, how it works and cover some of the trades that the Trade-Ideas AI did

Class 7:

  • 88 minutes
  • Real Life expectations of your automated strategies. How to maintain and adjust your trading robots. How to determine which robots to use by reading market conditions. The differences between revisions and rebuilding your strategies. Review step by step guide on how to start with an idea, and convert it into an automated trading strategy.

Course Resources

You can follow along with a demo version of Trade-Ideas. Some features are not available. If you wish to get the full functionality of Trade-Ideas I would recommend you sign up for the premium plan. You will also need to get a license of the Brokerage Plus software to be able to connect Trade-Ideas to Interactive Brokers. At the time of writing, Trade-Ideas only supports automated trading with Interactive Brokers


Trade-Ideas Premium and Brokerage Plus (use promocode DAVID15 at checkout to get a 15% discount)

Signup for an Interactive Brokers account

IOZOOM VPS Hosting (if you wish to have a cheap windows VPS, choose the 4GB windows server and you can run Trade-Ideas and IB Gateway)