Trader Indicator was started in mid-2018 by David Potvin. David originally worked in IT starting in 2003 but has always shown interest in trading the financial markets. In 2012, he started trading in Forex. By 2015 he quit his day job and only focused on trading. In 2017 he moved from Forex to the US stock market where he primary operates today. Currently, he trades full time using algorithmic trading techniques.

This blog serves 2 main purposes:

The first goal is for David to track and share all his automated trades that he executes in the stock market. These recaps allow him to further analyze the trades and improve the strategies and as well share with those who are interested in this style of trading and to see the thought process of how David works on his strategies. 

The second goal of Trader Indicator is to help new traders wanting to get started with automated trading. The primary tool that he uses for his automation is Trade-Ideas. There are not a lot of free resources available on the internet when it comes to learning how to automate your trading. This website will share the valuable lessons David has learned in his journey of automation and hopefully will be helpful for anyone who reads this site.