Automation Recap June 18th, 2019

  • Strategy: SPY Bull
  • Stock Ticker: XLNX
  • Entry: 107.65
  • Exit: 110.88
  • Profit:  $542.56

New bot specifically designed for big bullish days. The idea behind this bot is to look for big nice bullish gaps on the indexes and play the breakout. This robot will produce a lot of signals on these big days therefore I’ve limited the amount of trades it can take. This XLNX was the big winner of the day. Hit the target while the rest were timed exits.

XLNX Chart
  • Strategy: SPY Bull
  • Stock Ticker: AMD
  • Entry: 30.48
  • Exit: 30.68
  • Profit:  $118.20

The move on AMD was already pretty extended so it was expected to have some retrace. While I certainly didn’t get out at the top, still booked a 20 cent profit on this trade which is pretty good for AMD.

AMD Chart
  • Strategy: SPY Bull
  • Stock Ticker: MCHP
  • Entry: 84.29
  • Exit: 85.43
  • Profit:  $242.89

Another great move on the market jump today. Entry wasn’t too bad but we certainly are a bit high. I’m going to of course optimize this strategy over the coming months as it gets activated for these big jump days. I’m going to try to be more picky on the nicer setups since I have so many triggers to work with.

MCHP Chart

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