Automation Recap June 12th, 2019

  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: DVN
  • Entry: 25.46
  • Exit: 25.36
  • Profit:  -$67.26

Oh, boy Oil report. Starting from next week, oil sector will be excluded from trading on Wednesday. At least this time the report didn’t have much an impact on this trade, but what a boring range. Small loss on the timed exit, nothing much to really say about this chart.

DVN Chart
  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: WYNN
  • Entry: 114.63
  • Exit: 115.08
  • Profit:  $71.89

Ahh! This is one of those trades you wish you took profits sooner. The timed exit did book a profit but man oh man why didn’t I close it earlier. Once it broke below the VWAP it was game over for WYNN and it just kept being sold off for the rest of the day.

WYNN Chart

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