Automation Recap June 6, 2019

  • Strategy:Algo Buster Rip
  • Stock Ticker: CHGG
  • Entry: 38.36
  • Exit: 38.74
  • Profit:  -$180.25

Looks like we got caught at the top of the flag pattern. Once the stock gapped above the previous high on that 5-minute chart, it was over. While this stop out doesn’t bother me too much, I’m slowly collecting data to build a new strategy that would look to long a pattern like this instead of short.

CHGG Chart
  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: NTNX
  • Entry: 26.86
  • Exit: 27.67
  • Profit:  $540.69

We got triggered into the trade and it wasn’t really looking promise. However shortly after making that new low, plenty of buyers stepped in and drove the price through the target. However, it seems right after I got out, the other buyers got out. Perhaps I was just a little early as it seems that I wasn’t the only one doing this trade…. food for thought.

NTNX Chart
  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: BJ
  • Entry: 24.40
  • Exit: 24.51
  • Profit:  $84.87

Not very pretty chart pattern. Looks like the price is all over the place in an ugly range. Luckily I’ve already worked on the strategy and this one has been filtered out. While I did book a profit, this is not really the type of trade I want to be in.

BJ Chart

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