Automation Recap May 29th, 2019

  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: C
  • Entry: 62.80
  • Exit: 63.47
  • Profit:  $213.73

Pretty good trading day, 2 for 2 with some nice solid gains. A day late as yesterday I was caught up with some other things. Both this ticker and the other were a little bit later than the usual 9:45 triggers which is a bit nice to see that the filters are helping reduce some of the uglier trades. C rally nicely and squeeze everyone who shorted at the bottom and we got to profit from that nicely.

C Chart
  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: WLL
  • Entry: 18.74
  • Exit: 18.98
  • Profit:  $251.83

Good Ol’ WLL at it again. What a beautiful bear trap and nice squeeze higher. If I had watching this I probably would have taken the gains quickly as it would have locked in probably another couple hundred bucks for sure. We got out right before the VWAP failed to hold as support with the timed exit, almost like it was on queue….

WLL chart

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