Automation Recap May 24th, 2019

  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: ROST
  • Entry: 91.99
  • Exit: 92.62
  • Profit:  $136.25

My entry was actually better than that as I was positively slipped, as I usually am with this type of strategy. It’s been actually a few days since any of the robots took any trades since the increased volatility makes my little pickier on which filters should go online as well as the additional index filters I’m using. Overall not an entirely bad trade, even if I let it run the entire day it still would have been profitable. Going over the other signals that were filtered out, this one was the best one of the day and I’m glad that my recent rebuild to using a 15-minute opening range breakout is paying off.

ROST Chart

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