Automation Recap May 16, 2019

  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: XLNX
  • Entry: 106.54
  • Exit: 105.47
  • Profit:  -$180.05

It’s been a little while that the bots didn’t trigger into anything. This particular trade was over before it even started. Using the Trade-Ideas numbers I would have lost a whole R, however because the stocked moved so fast, my actual fill price was much lower and I only really lost $43 on this trade. The stop might be too tight or I’m trying to catch this too high. Either way I’ve added this to my note of losers on this strategy and will optimize or make a new one which trades a little bit later into the session.

XLNX Chart
  • Strategy: Algo Buster Dip
  • Stock Ticker: NKTR
  • Entry: 31.89
  • Exit: 31.57
  • Profit:  -$180.18

Another Biotech stock, the difference between this one and the last one is that this one is indeed overall weak. However if you wanted to short it, you’d want to play this pretty tight otherwise your R:R isn’t that great.

NKTR Chart

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