Want to test out Trade-Ideas?

Have you wanted to follow along with the material on this site but don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on Trade-Ideas without knowing if automated trading is for you? Every year Trade-Ideas does a test drive where you can test out everything Trade-Ideas does for one week for only $8.

Starting May 6, 2019, you can try the entire pro version of Trade-Ideas, including the brokerage+ and the Oddsmaker tool to test if you want to become an automation trader. To help jump-start you into testing this I’ve attached a few strategies below that you can test and optimize yourself. These are the two strategies that we build for the Algo Class over at Real Life Trading.

Algo Buster Rip


Algo Buster Dip


In Trade-Ideas, click on File > Load from the Cloud, and paste these strategies in there. These are about 5 weeks old at the time of writing so be sure to run the Oddsmaker tool and optimize the strategies to the current market conditions!

Click on the image below to be taken to Trade-Ideas and sign up now!

spring test drive

For addtional resources on how to start automation please follow this link here: Trade-Ideas

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