Automation Recap January 29, 2019

  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: AOS
  • Entry: 47.93
  • Exit: 46.49
  • Profit:  $540.65

Well that was a quick 20 minute trade, hitting the target and locking in some much need solid gains for January. While this ticker and chart isn’t the best looking S curve it still played out well in my favor.

AOS Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: AGN
  • Entry: 149.36
  • Exit: 146.35
  • Profit:  $364.21

Now this is what I would call a 9.5/10 of on the S curve scale! Our entry might of been a little high being above the VWAP, however still played out very well.

AGN Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: EAT
  • Entry: 43.07
  • Exit: 43.59
  • Profit:  -$216.02

Got stopped out, only to have it move in the direction we wanted right after. We would have hit the target however it just didn’t work. Shame. I’ll play around with the stops and see if I can get better results.

EAT Chart

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