Automation Recap January 24, 2019

  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: MU
  • Entry: 36.97
  • Exit: 37.12
  • Profit:  $73.05

Not the best looking S curve, looks like its trying to catch the next wave up, however the move was already pretty extended. I consider this a lucky trade since this could have easily gone against me.

MU Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: ADI
  • Entry: 95.21
  • Exit: 94.07
  • Profit:  $217.08

I would have like to get in at the candle right after getting stopped out. This would have been a real s curve. Ugly trade.

ADI Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: WDC
  • Entry: 144.16 
  • Exit: 145.97
  • Profit:  -$126.70

Same as the above ticker. All of the S curves today where microchip providers. Unfortunately there is no sector filter for trade-ideas.

WDC Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: GOOS
  • Entry: 45.45
  • Exit: 44.77
  • Profit:  $269.96

Now this is much better. Actually the breakout on the 5 minute opening range would have needed a proper win too. Better looking s curve than the bullish ones.

GOOS Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: MO
  • Entry: 43.38
  • Exit: 42.95
  • Profit:  $178.57

Another MO trade this week. Really nice continuation pattern with the small s curve. the timed exit got out just a little too early.

MO Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: QCOM
  • Entry: 50.86
  • Exit: 51.19
  • Profit:  -$116.86

Now that’s an s curve! Unfortunately the VWAP was unable to be a strong resistance and then provided as support until breaking back down later in the trading session.

QCOM Chart

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