Automation Recap January 18, 2019

  • Strategy: S Cuvenator
  • Stock Ticker: SLB
  • Entry: 44.15
  • Exit: 44.20
  • Profit:  $20.48

Not the best looking S Curve. I would have preferred an entry when we tested the mini support after I got in. The timed exit got me out for a small profit but if it was a longer timed exit, would have gained slightly more.

SLB Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: TMUS
  • Entry: 67.58
  • Exit: 67.30
  • Profit:  -$74.76

This one is actually a really good setup. The chart looks really nice, we got in nice and low and if we had been manually trading, could have used a smaller stop below the VWAP. Unfortunately the pattern didn’t play out.

TMUS Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: TIF
  • Entry: 88.25
  • Exit: 89.72
  • Profit:  $299.88

This looks more like a breakout than an S Curve. Once the breakout happened (you can see the volume spike), it trended higher all day. Not a bad trade and a nice gain desperately needed for my week.

TIF Chart

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