Automation Recap January 15, 2019

  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: BSX
  • Entry: 36.50
  • Exit: 36.41
  • Profit:  $56.64

Great looking entry looking for a continuation, but it seems that these days there is not a lot of follow through with the early morning bullishness of stocks. We did get out for a small gain but its another flat day for me.

BSX Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: CB
  • Entry: 132.42
  • Exit: 142.81
  • Profit:  $55.08

Excellent looking S curve and a pretty good entry. There a lot of price action judging from the chart and we can see a series of lower highs which capped the potential gains on this trade. CB looks like it likes being with its VWAP and didn’t really move away from it for very long.

CB Chart
  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: FE
  • Entry: 38.40
  • Exit: 38.20
  • Profit:  -$90.46

Where’s my S curve? This one looks like we got in at the near top of the mini range which it was unable to break higher inviting the price back towards its VWAP. A small loss and I will certainly look to remove this ugly trade from the strategy.

FE Chart

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