Automation Recap December 10, 2018

  • Strategy: Bear Kitten
  • Stock Ticker: BAC
  • Entry: 24.90
  • Exit: 24.57
  • Profit:  $235.30

I would rate this trade a 6/10 on a pretty scale. The first 5-minute candle would normally be considered bullish however it seems the pressure from the VWAP pushed it lower and I almost missed the entry with how slow BAC tends to move. The timed exit took me out of the trade before the last move lower of the day but overall I’m happy with this trade.

BAC Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: THO
  • Entry: 59.00
  • Exit: 57.23
  • Profit:  $541.62

After failing to break above the VWAP, the sell signal hit and Bear Cub got in. It was pretty much an insta profit trade which hit the target in 28 minutes. It seems I wasn’t the only one targeting this price range as once I took profit, the slowly started to grind upwards for the rest of the day.

THO Chart

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