Automation Recap December 4, 2018

  • Strategy: Bear Kitten
  • Stock Ticker: AAPL
  • Entry: 180.57
  • Exit: 182
  • Profit:  -$143.00

Boy oh boy I was expecting this strategy to have a bit of a hard time today with how bearish the markets looked. Luckily I didn’t get too bad. Of the 3 trades today with Bear Kitten, 1 was profitable and 2 were not, AAPL being the worst. While AAPL did fall the rest of the day, since its so heavily traded, you can expect that anyone that puts the stop at the high of the day on AAPL will get stopped out for sure (like moi).

AAPL Chart


  • Strategy: Bear Kitten
  • Stock Ticker: PHM
  • Entry: 25.88
  • Exit: 25.95
  • Profit:  -$48.24

I actually woke up in the first 10 minutes of the market open and saw this position was in profit. I figured, we’ll 2 trades in profit and AAPL not far from getting stopped out, I’ll go back to sleep. The timed exit could not have been ANY better. Five minutes later and this trade would have hurt a lot more…

PHM Chart


  • Strategy: Bear Kitten
  • Stock Ticker: IVZ
  • Entry: 20.09
  • Exit: 19.65
  • Profit:  $394.24

This trade barely made the cut since I don’t trade anything under $20. I’m certainly happy it did because what a beautiful chart and an amazing play. Got out at around the VWAP where the price hovered for most of the day after the big move that the strategy caught. 

IVZ Chart


  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: WERN
  • Entry: 32.21
  • Exit: 31.73
  • Profit:  $268.32

I love this pattern. A move down, then retraced a little, then continued downwards. If the timed exit wasn’t only 60 minutes, I would have hit my target. Overall I grade this a 8/10 trade.

WERN Chart


  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: DG
  • Entry: 106.40
  • Exit: 103.95
  • Profit:  $416.16

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t a very nice trade. If you look at it purely from a charting point of view, I don’t really see a solid sell signal. This looked like it followed the market rather than being a proper signal I would have liked to have taken.

DG Chart

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