Automation Recap December 3, 2018

  • Strategy: Bear Kitten
  • Stock Ticker: KPD
  • Entry: 26.51
  • Exit: 26.07
  • Profit:  $298.76

This is exactly what I’m looking for with this strategy. The first 2 candles are just beautiful even on this small gap. Caught the break lower and the rest is history. Great start for December!

KDP Chart


  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: MPLX
  • Entry: 34.10
  • Exit: 34.43
  • Profit:  $174.24

Not a bad trade at all. We got in shortly after a break above the VWAP with that nice S curve I’m looking for. It slowly grinded higher and we got out shortly before the next test of the VWAP with our timed exit.

MPLX Chart


  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: SSNC
  • Entry: 49.01
  • Exit: 48.42
  • Profit:  -$198.22

The exact opposite of the pattern of MPLX. Ugly chart. The really big wick right on the open certainly doesn’t help. I’m going to review the filters and make sure we don’t catch this type of trade again.



  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: PANW
  • Entry: 178.24
  • Exit: 178.05
  • Profit:  -$18.99

We were only in profit for about 15 minutes Then PANW went to test the VWAP. The price action on this one was pretty wild in the start of the session but for the rest of the day it only ranged slightly until the little rally starting from 3:00PM

PANW Chart

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