Automation Recap November 26, 2018

  • Strategy: Bull Puppy
  • Stock Ticker: VSM
  • Entry: 33.23
  • Exit: 32.88
  • Profit:  -$126.70

Day #6 of my losing streak. Seriously in this time of the market, it shouldn’t be too hard to make money, even after I made several modifications to increase the odds for my strategies. VSM was wild in the early morning. Eventually it crept up higher by the end of the day but not before hitting my stop…

VSM Chart


  • Strategy: S Curvenator
  • Stock Ticker: AET
  • Entry: 210.85
  • Exit: 210.05
  • Profit:  -$45.60

This one simply did not play out at all. It looks like the big bullishness of the start of the market fizzled down and took AET fizzled with it. I knew the markets were very bullish and I expected my bullish strategies to pick up some of the green but they did not deliver today. 

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