Automation Recap October 25, 2018

  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: NOC
  • Entry: 277.61
  • Exit: 275.05
  • Profit:  $139.70

At the beginning it didn’t look like this trade would work out very well. This is a newer strategy and I was hesitant. The timed exit did book some profits to help offset the loss on LUV (next).

NOC Chart
  • Strategy: Bear Cub
  • Stock Ticker: LUV
  • Entry: 49.60
  • Exit: 50.10
  • Profit:  -$150.29

What an ugly trade. First it was on SSR (Short sale restriction), additionally, the prior trading day it had already fell a lot. Since this is a newer strategy, the fine tuning is not completed yet and unfortunately got triggered into this messy trade. Not only was I stopped out quickly, I was slipped 10 cents above my stop which made this trade even worst. I’ve already adjusted this strategy and we should not see these types of patterns again.

LUC Chart