Automation Recap

Automation Recap October 30, 2018

Netflix did not want to go lower today. While it was in profit for a few minutes, it quickly faded higher. When the stop was high, I was positively slipped 70 cents so the loss was not as bad as it could have been […]

Square SQ Target Featured
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Next Target for Square Inc

Square (ticker: SQ) still hasn’t found any support yet. While this company is one of my favourites, (and you always see their productions when you go out), it’s not enough to help save the stock price. […]

recap oct 29th
Automation Recap

Automation Recap October 29, 2018

Today’s open was very bullish however that faded about 2 hours into the market. None of my active robots took any trades today. Old Dog which is currently disabled because of current market conditions would have taken a trade if it was active that would have resulted in a very minor loss. […]

spy 257

SPY, next stop 257!

The party isn’t over yet. Last week we saw a 4.67% drop in the SPY and the train doesn’t stop here. While we can expect some slow down in the bearish direction on Monday and […]

recap oct 24
Automation Recap

Automation Recap October 24, 2018

Disney delivered yet again! This trade played out pretty quickly and was nice to see some good gains on another very bearish day in the general markets. I didn’t get filled on the first leg down to the target, but did shortly afterwards. […]